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"Can you verify whether or not I have contracted a wart on the underside of my tongue?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you verify whether or not I have contracted a wart on the underside of my tongue?


Unlike any of the pictures of tongue warts I have seen on the internet, but still very concerned.


Sorry to hear about your problem. This is obviously difficult to diagnose, much less treat, without being at least able to do a physical exam, and so you will need to speak to your doctor. There are some signs that may make this spot more concerning, such as slow or rapid growth, bleeding or oozing, pain, or changes in your ability to speak or move your tongue. Additionally, a history of tobacco use would be concerning. In general, growths can be classified into several categories. Some of these are simply reactions that the body makes to local injury, such as the callouses that we all get on our hands when we use them for extended periods of time. The same thing, or something similar, can occur in other areas of the body, such as where chronic sun exposure leads to skin damage that can lead to growths and thickening of the skin. Finally, we are all aware of at least the potential of serious problems such as cancers. Growths underneath your tongue are less common, and so you should definitely discuss this with your doctor soon to make sure it is nothing more serious. Please speak with your doctor.

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