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"What can I do to stop bowel movements during sex?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do to stop bowel movements during sex?


Bowel incontinence during sex is embarrassing, I have lost a lot of weight


I am sorry for your embarrassment from what seems to be a fecal incontinence, but please don't shy away from talking to your doctor. Fecal incontinence is usually not a serious medical condition, but as you already know it can very much interfere a person's life. There are many potential causes of fecal incontinence. The most common cause is damage to muscles around the anus (anal sphincters) or injury to the nerves that sense stool in the rectum or those that control the anal sphincter. This kind of damage can be caused by childbirth, constant straining during bowel movements (diarrhea or constipation), or some diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Please visit your doctor soon to determine a cause. During your doctor visits, he or she may perform a digital rectum exam to check the strength of your anal sphincter muscles or for any abnormalities in the rectal area such as rectal prolapse. To identify the cause he or she may order several other diagnostic tests. Once a cause is determined, there are available treatments that can help you control your bowel movements and improve your quality of life. Depending on the cause, nonsurgical treatments include diet, exercises, and medications, or other therapies (bowel training, biofeedback, or sacral nerve stimulation). If these noninvasive treatments are not effective, your doctor may recommend surgery or minimally invasive procedures. The sooner you are evaluated by your doctor, the sooner you may find some relief from your symptoms. In many cases it can be cured completely.

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