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"Will a hepatitis b shot hurt when baby is 6 months old?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a hepatitis b shot hurt when baby is 6 months old?


My son got the shot at birth, 2 months and now 4 months will it hurt him? Will it hurt him if he gets it at 6 months? Please help I'm scared I'm a new mom


Vaccinations are a very important part of disease prevention in all people. They are especially important for babies and young children when their immune systems are not completely developed and they need the most protection that they can get. I suggest you schedule an appointment with your baby's pediatrician to discuss your concern further. Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks the liver and can be obtained through direct blood to blood contact, sexual content, and any other means in which body fluids other than saliva are mixed. In reality, the chances of your baby catching hepatitis B is very low. However, it is not that unusual later in life and thus he needs to be vaccinated now. The vaccination unfortunately requires three treatments. All vaccinations probably will make a baby cry, but they never remember what happened shortly after. Certainly your child will not be traumatized by the shots. He may cry, but I assure you that he will get over it long before you do. Again, I suggest you schedule an appointment with your baby's pediatrician. The two of you can discuss the vaccinations that he needs and when you should expect that he will be offered vaccinations. I encourage you to get every vaccination that your doctor prescribes because all of them will help him stay healthy. Good luck.

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