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"I have red pimple-like bumps and blisters on my legs. What are they?"

ZocdocAnswersI have red pimple-like bumps and blisters on my legs. What are they?


It started with one red bump on my leg that when I itched it, it seemed to get worse and turned into a large sore. Then I got one in the top of my butt crack that does not want to heal. It is itchy and hurts. Now I have several of these pimple like things all over my legs. They have white heads on the top and some of them just look like little blisters. Is this an allergic reaction to something or shingles??


This is something that will need to be seen by a doctor in a prompt fashion. While there are many possible explanations for what could be causing this, there is at least some concern that this represents a bacterial infection that will require antibiotics to heal properly. While proper cleaning and care of these lesions may be enough in some cases, it is concerning that you have more and more appearing, and that some of the spots have not gotten better. If this happens, there is the possibility that some of the spots could be growing, connecting, or spreading underneath the skin and could lead to very serious infections. Additionally, when the skin is compromised like this there is the concern that other bacteria can get into the skin and cause additional infection (for example, infections near the rectum and genitalia can become seriously infected in a rapid fashion if not treated appropriately). Speaking with a doctor is a vital step to improving, as some of these spots you describe may require drainage as well. Please discuss this question with your doctor soon, and take the necessary steps to get feeling better. Go to an emergency room or urgent care if you need to.

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