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"I have had lumps on my chest for about 10 years. What might they be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have had lumps on my chest for about 10 years. What might they be?


im 21 years old,male


This is a good question. It is important for you to see your primary care doctor to have a full history and physical as there is no way to know what is the cause of your lumps without seeing them. Your doctor will ask you important questions, such as if the lumps have changed in size or appearance over time. It is also important to note if you have any other symptoms or if the lumps have a different color or texture than the surrounding skin. A possible cause for your lumps if they are soft and mobile is lipomas, which are benign fatty tumors. Another possible cause is cysts, either sebaceous or epidural, which are benign. Both of these can be left alone or excised if they become inflamed or infected. Your doctor may want to biopsy one of the lumps if he or she is unclear of the cause. Nevertheless, it is important that you are evaluated. Even though the likelihood of these being serious is low, it is still important to rule out some of the more serious issues described above because the sooner they are treated, if they are serious, the better it would be.

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