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"My boyfriend has had cluster headaches everyday for the last week, what can he do?"

ZocdocAnswersMy boyfriend has had cluster headaches everyday for the last week, what can he do?


Wakes up 2 times everynight.. and has at least 1 during day. Is there anything that he can do overcounter. He says they are seasonal. Not stressed. Thank you


So sorry to hear about this problem, and it is important to discuss this concern with a doctor. Cluster headaches are not quite as common, but can be devastating to those who are affected. They differ from migraines in that they are described as a sharp, stabbing pain that is often felt in one side of the head. They may be associated with a same sided feeling of nasal congestion, epiphora, or other facial symptoms that can be troubling as well. Fortunately, they are usually self limited. Patients who suffer from these will often pace the room, rubbing their face. For some oxygen can be very effective at helping them to pass. Some patients will even get a prescription for oxygen. Migraines differ because they are usually associated with light sensitivity, are quite incapacitating, and also have some nausea or vomiting. When these are all present, it is usually quite likely that a patient is having a migraine. There are many other causes of headaches as well, and there may be some concerning features of the headache that your boyfriend is having that would require more urgent intervention or may suggest a different source. Please speak with your doctor about this question, and get a referral to a neurologist if needed.

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