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"What could cause a scalloped tongue and painful bumps on the sides?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause a scalloped tongue and painful bumps on the sides?


Tongue appears swollen with teeth marks and there are often inflamed bumps that are painful on the side.


Sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your tongue. Before I go into the explanation for why, I am going to recommend that you make an appointment to be seen and evaluated by an otolaryngologist (ENT aka ears nose throat doctor). There are numerous different problems that can cause pain and swelling in your tongue. If your tongue is swollen at all, then the normal areas on the side of the tongue along the interdental line (where your upper and lower teeth come together) can be over pronounced (almost like oyu are chronically biting the sided of your tongue). That is what it sounds like may be going on. What is causing the inflammation however, will be difficult to ascertain without being able to take a history from you. Some systemic inflammatory disease processes can cause tongue swelling. Some allergic reactions to allergens or medicines can cause tongue swelling. Lastly a painful sore or fissure on your tongue that persists for a long time, should always be evaluated by a physician, as tongue pain is one of the presenting symptoms of a tongue cancer. I am not saying that is what is going on (in fact I doubt it is), but you should still be evaluated. An ENT will be able to rule out a cancer, and help figure out what might be going on.

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