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"Dizziness after fainting that has lasted weeks, what should I do?"


In august i suffered from a stomach virus that really knocked me out. I spent one day sleeping on the couch because i felt too weak to do in anything. After a while it passed and i got better but the problem came later. I had been getting to bed late and getting up late as well but felt fine even so. But one day after getting up early (having been woken up by my dad) i fainted maybe an hour later.Before so i got dressed and ate etc.. but whilst i was brushing my teeth i got a nosebleed and i started to feel dizzy. I went to sit down and then got up 5 minutes later whereupon i felt extremely dizzy and went upstairs to warn my sister and it's there that i fainted and was unconscious for a couple of seconds. I later went to see a doctor but they said it wasn't serious. I got a blood test done and everything was fine. I suffered from dizziness for a week approximately then it went away but now it's back and i'm feeling as dizzy as before. Any ideas on what this could be ?


I would recommend that you go back to see your primary care doctor, since the symptoms of dizziness seem to have returned. They will be able to perform another thorough evaluation and help you figure out what might be going on. Dizziness is, rarely, a sign of a serious problem, such as an infection, swelling, or tumor in the brain.

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One of the main reasons to see a doctor is to rule out these serious causes, which can usually be done with a thorough neurological examination. Other serious causes of dizziness included problems with the heart, usually associated with palpitations, shortness or breath or trouble with exercise, or chest pain. Assuming more serious causes are ruled out, then dizziness still remains one of the most common medical problems, with numerous other causes. Dehydration or not taking in sufficient fluids is one common cause, as are the sides effects of several different types of medications, including both over the counter and prescription medications. Other causes of dizziness include inflammation inside the position sensing center of the ear. Often this inflammation is caused by a transient viral infection, but it can also be more persistent (and sometimes associated with hearing loss). Again, please speak with your doctor who will be able to evaluate you for these causes.

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