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"Why are my fiancé's pupils small at night? Is something wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my fiancé's pupils small at night? Is something wrong?


My fiancé's pupils are large in the day time sometimes and small in day light and vise versa...but what throws me off the most is when her pupils are small( pin point size) she is more loving and sympathetic. I know when you shine light into eyes...they should restrict but if they are already this size, they don't move. Any help...need to know and thank you for your time.


Pupil size can vary by person, and also by a number of other factors. Therefore, it is important to discuss these in more detail with her doctor if she is concerned. In general, the pupils will contract during the times of brighter light so as to avoid letting in too much light that can damage other parts of the eye. Usually, when there is less light it is common for a person to have dilated pupils in order to let more light and information back in to other parts of the eye that need that information to process properly. Of course, there are many different reasons that a person's eyes may dilate or contract more than usual at certain times. For example, feelings of love and attraction can sometimes be associated with dilated pupils (although not always). Another thing that can affect the amount of pupil diameter is the medications that a person may be using. There are both systemic medications that can affect pupil diameter as well as other medications that are used topically, such as eye drops that are used to treat some conditions of the eye. Myriad other variations can lead to the changes that you are describing, and it is important to discuss these in more detail with her and potentially her doctor if she is concerned. Please speak with your doctor.

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