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"How common are allergic reactions to MAOI's for someone with drug hypersensitivity?"

ZocdocAnswersHow common are allergic reactions to MAOI's for someone with drug hypersensitivity?


How common are allergic reactions to MAOI's for someone with drug hypersensitivity? I'm allergic to penicillin, sulfa, and SSRI's. My NP put me on Doxepin and told me it can also act as an antihistamine, so there should be a less chance of being allergic to it. Is there still a chance that I could still be allergic to this also?


There is always a chance that you can be allergic to any new medication. Fortunately, these reactions tend to be rare and do not happen for most people. The risk of an allergy would also depend to a great degree on how severe and what exactly your other reactions were, so I recommend that you speak with your doctor. For example, many people have been told that they have an allergy to penicillins because of a rash when they took penicillin as a child. For many people, they can be safely re-introduced to penicillins later in life, and they will often tolerate these. Obviously, this should only be done after discussing this with your doctor, as some penicillin and other drug allergies can be life threatening. As you see, however, sometimes a reaction is mistakenly labeled as an allergy when a sensitivity is a better word. If you have sensitivities to other medications, it may be that you have an elevated risk of further reactions to other medications in the future. Speaking with your doctor will help you to know what your specific risks are and how to be safe. Additionally, the manufacturer will often report some common reactions so that you know what to look for.

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