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"I've been experiencing eye pain, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI've been experiencing eye pain, what could it be?


Hello, Im a female, 23 yrs old. I've have been experiencing eye pain with movement for about 4 days now. I can't move them up and down or side to side. 500mg Aspirin does help blunt the pain however I've been cautious how often I take it. Today my symptoms got worse, my whole head hurts like a massive headache now and I'm alternating between chills and profuse sweating with a temp of 99.8 Also, I'm not sure if this is pertinent but I went to urinate and took my tampon out and had two dark clots followed by bright red hematuria.


Thank you for your question. You should speak with your doctor. While I am not certain what is causing your current symptoms, they are concerning enough that you need to seek medical attention to make sure that there is not something very serious going on. Restrictions of eye movement can have many different causes, whether it be in the muscles, the nerves, or the eye itself. The fact that you seem to have a headache, chills, and perhaps a fever is also concerning that there could be a systemic illness that is present. That is, your symptoms are concerning for something that is affecting multiple parts of your body. Blood in urine is also something that you should always speak to your doctor about, suggesting that you have multiple different reasons to speak with a doctor in the very near future. If you are unable to see your primary care doctor, then you should consider alternative means of being seen by a physician, including going to an emergency room. Speaking with your doctor over the phone may also provide some information. No matter the route that you choose, please speak with a doctor very soon to make sure that you get the help you may need.

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