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"Why does my left side neck and upper chest area feel different?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my left side neck and upper chest area feel different?


This is not concurrent, it just happened this morning, the pain is below average and bearable. But I am not comfortable at all with this. Why is it only on the left side. I do not recall doing anything abnormal recently.


Thanks for your question. Obviously, the first concern when someone speaks of left sided chest pain is that this could be a manifestation of a heart attack. While this may not necessarily be the cause, it is something that can be serious and should therefore be discussed with your doctor immediately. There are other things that can cause this as well, some of them being as simple as acid reflux. When the body senses pain in different parts of the abdomen or thorax, or even just a change to the normal well being, it senses this and refers that sensation to a different part of the body where it is perceived by the brain. The heart is one of the areas that can send a sensation to the areas that you describe, which is why it is important to speak with your doctor. He or she may be more or less worried about this versus other causes depending on what your specific risk factors may be. There are other reasons for changes in sensation, possibly including trauma to the nerves or skin of the area, or even just muscle spasms. Speaking with your doctor to give more information will help. Please speak with your doctor.

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