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"Should I see a doctor about hip pain?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I see a doctor about hip pain?


My left front hip/groin has been hurting for 2 months after it made a loud pop. It doesn't hurt if I do yoga, stretch, sit, stand or lie down. It hurts only when I am walking and makes me limp. It may not hurt for a couple of days and then one step can bring on the pain. If I see a doctor, should I go to an orthopedic or chiropractic?


If you are continuing to have pain in your hip/groin with walking, you should seek out the care of an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation. Pain that developed after a loud popping sensation could mean that you damaged one of the ligaments or other supporting structures (such as the labrum) that are involved in keeping the hip joint aligned in a ball-in-socket manner. You could also be suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip joint, in which case there is loss of the normal joint space that separates the head of the femur from the pelvis. Bone-on-bone friction can cause pain and discomfort. Your orthopedic surgeon can learn a lot about the etiology of the pain by doing physical exam maneuvers and getting a more detailed medical history. Plain x-rays taken in different angles can examine for any bony disease (such as arthritis or a hairline fracture) and further testing with MRI (if needed) can allow the doctor to get a much better look at the soft tissues around the joint and evaluate for any ligament or labrum damage that might be causing your pain.

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