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"Is my growth normal?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my growth normal?


hi im a 17 ys old Male, and im 5'3 SINCE I WAS 14 years old my mother is 5'2 but my Father is 5'7 I had only 1 growth spurt at 14, then i completely stopped growning. I did a Bone Age Test and it results to be 14.5 years old, but im 17, it's this normal? its my growth normal? I have also my tongue always white, could it be a food intollerance?


Thank you for this question. It is good that you have already worked with a doctor or specialist to obtain more information about your bone age, as some of that information can be valuable to predict your potential height. I recommend that you continue to follow-up with your doctor. There are some things that can be done to make sure that you reach your optimal height, most of which include excellent nutrition, healthy physical activity, and adequate rest. All of these only help you to reach your optimal height, however, rather than making you grow any taller than you would otherwise have been. Speaking with your doctor about the results of your bone age testing might also be valuable, as this may imply that you have some extra room to grow and potentially become taller. That of course depends on a host of other factors, however, which you could also discuss with your doctor. As for your tongue always being white, this could be due to some infections, such as infections with the fungi that commonly surround us, or it could just be a normal finding for you that needs more aggressive brushing to help clear it off. Speaking with your doctor about all of these questions is appropriate. Please speak with your doctor.

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