ZocdocAnswersI have 2 bumps on my testicle, what could they be?


I have 2 bumps on my testicle, what could they be?

I am 14 years. the movable one I recently found that I am sure it is not attached and so far not painful,the hard one was there for almost a year now I had a xray but that was 7 months ago and the doctor said it was fibre nodular bump during that time I experienced stomach pain fevers now shortbread is this tc


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. I encourage you to see a primary care physician to further evaluate this issue. You will require a thorough history and physical exam. Depending on these findings, you may require a referral to a urologist. In someone with a testicular lump, there is always concern for testicular cancer. This is most common in young mens and is a serious condition. However, other testicular lumps may be benign. For instance, a normal structure on the posterior testicle is the epididymis. This is often identified as a lump on self exam. It is often mobile, which may explain one of your lumps. It is a normal structure and requires no specific follow up. The testicles are normally oblong and can have an irregular contour as a normal variant, so this is also a possible explanation for your findings. However, given the concern for testicular cancer, I encourage you to see a primary care physician. After a thorough testicular exam, you may require a testicular ultrasound to further characterize any testicular abnormalities. A x-ray is not typically performed to evaluate testicular lumps. Depending on these findings, you may also require blood testing and referral to a urologist.

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