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"What's considered sexually active?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's considered sexually active?


I'm just not sure what it mean. Is there different ways to be sexually active?


I understand why you are asking this question and I suggest that you discuss this further with your primary care physician. Often times physicians will ask their patients "are you sexually active?" It makes sense to me why this question is somehow vague. When we ask someone if they are sexually active, what we really mean is whether they engage in sexual activities that involve penetration of the penis into the vagina or the anus. There are situations in which we would want to know specifically if you are active in or engaging in oral sex, but if that were the cause most likely your doctor would ask that specifically. Most healthcare issues that involve sexual activity occur because of vaginal or anal sex. Most of these issues surround pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The latter of which is important for both vaginal and anal sex. If you have questions about your sexual health, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The two of you can discuss whatever's on your mind. If you feel that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease you could be tested. If you're interested in birth-control you could discuss what options are out there. In the meantime, make sure to practice safe sex by using a condom every time.

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