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"How long does it take to pass a kidney stone?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long does it take to pass a kidney stone?


I was diagnosed with a kidney stone approximately 2 and a half weeks ago and 8 days ago i woke up with the excruciating pain coming from my lower back. 2 days later the pain stopped and i started having trouble urinating and then i passed a large amount of blood in my urine and was able to urinate normally again. Now i am passing blood in my urine again and finding it slightly difficult to pass urine I can't afford the copay to go to a doctor unless its an absolute emergency. Should i be worried or wait a while and see what happens.


So sorry to hear about your problem, and I encourage you to speak with your doctor. Kidney stones can be very painful, and can take some time to pass. While there are some tips that help to let your doctor know whether or not you are able to pass the stone by yourself or if you will need some help (ie, is the stone too large to be able to pass), the actual time that is needed until it passes is very specific to each person and a number of variables that are difficult to know for certain. The size of the stone can often be determined by imaging, in many cases including a renal ultrasound. There are some things that can be done to help pass the stone such as increasing your hydration, but if it comes to a point that the stone is too large, it may be necessary to use other assistance. In some cases, the stone can be broken up from the outside and in other cases the stone may have to be removed. Knowing when to speak with your doctor can be difficult, but calling his or her office to discuss the symptoms that you are having is a simple way to know what steps to take. Please speak with your doctor.

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