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"Popped vein on back of hand, turned into small lump. WIll it go away?"

ZocdocAnswersPopped vein on back of hand, turned into small lump. WIll it go away?


A few weeks ago I got hit on the back of my hand really hard and I think I probably popped a vein since it swelled up a lot and whenever I put my hand down the swollen area would start to sting, now the swelling has gone down a lot and the pain is almost gone but there remains a small lump will it go away? should i be worried?


Swelling of the hand is a common medical complaint. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause hand swelling, some of which are mentioned below. I recommend that you discuss some of the following with your doctor in person. As you suggested a popped blood vessel can cause swelling in the hand. When the blood vessel bursts, blood flows out from the vein into the skin underneath the hand. Eventually the blood solidifies, forming a clot under the skin. This clot stops further blood from flowing into the space and may cause the swelling that you noticed. Over time your body will naturally dissolve the clot and reabsorb its components back into your blood stream. In general, these types of clots do not cause permanent damage to the body, but may be associated with some discomfort in the short term. Other causes of hand swelling include arthritis, certain types of cysts, benign growths of the skin and other inflammatory processes. Very rarely this swelling can represent a tumor. However, a tumor is unlikely to resolve in such a short period of time as you described. Your medical condition can only be truly diagnosed in person by a practicing doctor. I recommend you consult with a primary care doctor for further evaluation.

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