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"What is the recommended treatment for acne? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the recommended treatment for acne?


my face is a combination type , i have use an "Acretin" cream that dried my face but got fid of pimples. What should i use if my face is dry , damaged , itchy with acne scars ?


Acne can be treated with oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, face wash, and certain ointments. You will need to see a dermatologist to have your acne evaluated to get the acne treatment you need. For acne scars, they are usually red in color and will take a long time to heal. The skin is made up of several layers and it takes time for the skin to turnover and regenerate new cells to replace the old ones. The general strategy is to control new acne and to allow the old scars to heal. Your dermatologist can prescribe an ointment with retinoic acid in it to help your skin turn over and regenerate new cells faster. At the same time, retinoic acid can prevent wrinkles too. Another option for acne scars is getting treatments such as chemical peels. Chemical peels aren't for everyone though. A chemical peel is when a certain type of a acid is place on the skin for several minutes. The basic concept is that the acid will break down the deeper layers of the skin. This is seen as a type of injury by the body and it will regenerate new cells. The old skin layer will basically be peeled or sloughed off. With repeated treatments, the acne scars could fade. A diet consisting of antioxidants also allow the skin to heal after a pimple which will give your skin a better chance at healing from the scar. Again, please speak with your dermatologist.

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