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"Do I have fertility problems?"

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I am male 27 years and i need a clarification from your goodself. Actually my penis size normally 2 inch and when erected it is 5 inch. I had been masturbating since 10 years not frequently. Now i feel pain at the time of release of sperm at the head of the penis.Also the quantity of sperm becomes less if i masturbate daily else if i do for 3 days once it is normal. Also i have some bulged nerves in my left testis. I do feel foul smell when i urinate, I am not married, whether it will be a problem once i got married in terms of fertility. Kindly advise me in this regards.


Thanks for your question. It would be hard to advise fully on whether or not you may have fertility problems in the future based purely on the information that you have provided. So I recommend that you speak with a doctor. Ejaculation will release some of the sperm and other fluid that is normally stored and created, and so regular ejaculation will therefore decrease the quantity of fluid ejaculated. More concerning is the fact that you have a foul smell when you urinate and the question of bulging nerves. While it is not clear what these represent, and they could be normal, they could also be a sign of something more serious. It is true that seemingly minor problems can become bigger problems in the future if not treated in a timely fashion. This is true with some of the infections that can occur in both men and women. It is also true that a testicular mass that is new in a young man is something that should be checked with a doctor very quickly, as testicular cancer is more common in this group than in other groups. Your other medical history and testing may provide additional clues to answer your question. Please speak with a doctor about these questions.

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