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"Why am I having headaches?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I having headaches?


I've had headaches for a long time (5+ years), which have slowly gotten worse. Generally a dull headache, mild to moderate pain, fatigue and mental dullness. Exercise used to address it. Recently developed a constant, ear ringing (5 months ago) & couples with a constant 'brain fog'. I'm in university, I've hadperiodswithout much of a headache, and periods where I get nothing done because I have headaches. I know what i'm like when I'm feeling well, everything makes sense, I am literally able to figure anything out. I'm a good student because of these momentary 'breaks' in my fog. Had a headache all summer, jaw 'clacking', sore facial muscles, hard to fall asleep. Done a number of things to mitigate the tension aspect to my headaches, but its still a bother. Two 'nodules' one above each eye will often get sore with headache. Occasional shooting pain in the back of my head, lasts a few minutes. My pain isn't excruciating so doctors don't seem to take it seriously.


Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear about your problem. There are many people who are able to function but have difficulties with achieving their optimal health. In these situations, it can be difficult for them to feel like they are getting through to their doctor. In this sort of situation, it is often best to speak with a specialist who treats your specific type of problem. Neurologists, in specific, are trained to help people with headaches. There are some neurologists specifically who specialize in treating headaches as a major part of their practice, and may even be involved in a headache clinic. These doctors would most likely be able to help you the most. Some of the symptoms that you describe do seem to be related to tension and stress, such as your jaw clacking, which can be a sign of TMJ. There are other common types of headache, such as migraines and cluster headaches. With the appropriate guidance, questions, and physical exam (and potentially imaging), it is possible to get the relief that you need so that you can feel better all of the time. Again, please speak with your doctor about this question, and perhaps see a neurologist.

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