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"Can a woman with diabetes from childhood be able to conceive after getting married?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a woman with diabetes from childhood be able to conceive after getting married?


My friend is suffering from diabetes from the age of 13 years and now she is 24. She has been taking insulin twice a day since 11 years. Now we r planning to perform her wedding? will she be able to conceive without any complications ?


Having diabetes certainly does not result in infertility, at least most of the time. I recommend that she speaks with a doctor. Assuming that her diabetes is under relatively good control, she should not have trouble conceiving simply because of this. However, she may have a more difficult time controlling your blood sugar during pregnancy. This is quite a common problem that all women face when they become pregnant because their blood sugars are no longer being controlled by exactly the same mechanisms. Therefore, she will likely want to be followed by a specialist in maternal fetal medicine. However, this is a bit more of a personal preference so she will need to decide whether or not she feels comfortable with her OB/GYN that she currently has. A maternal fetal medicine specialist is a little bit more adept at dealing with high-risk pregnancies. While simply having diabetes that is well controlled does not really mean that you would be at much higher risk during the pregnancy, it is one factor. Prior to her getting pregnant, the best physician for her to continue to follow at for her diabetes is an endocrinologist. An endocrinologist is the best doctor to help titrate or insulin and to make sure her diabetes is under the best control which will be helpful for all aspects of her health including fertility.

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