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"What could cause blood in urine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause blood in urine?


Okay so first of all I had protected intercourse this Friday. I woke up feeling fine on Saturday, but soon started to feel like I needed to urinate frequently and it would burn and barely anything would come out. I figured it was a UTI, and started to drink fluids. That night I went out to a party and drank a little alcohol and started to feel horrible cramps so I went home. This morning i woke up with a headache, and more importantly, i'm urinating blood. There's no pain. It's not my period because my period is regular and it ended 2 weeks ago. What could this be? i'm super scared... i'm literally bleeding like i'm on a period.


I am sorry that you were scared when you saw blood in your urine. Blood in urine is usually not serious. It can be a result of strenuous exercise, discoloration by foods or a number of common medications including aspirin and penicillin. However, when you cannot attribute your red or bloody urine to exercise, food or medications, you should initially see a primary care physician. In some cases blood in urine can be a sign of a serious medical condition that should not be ignored. To confirm or rule out a serious condition, I would recommend that you be evaluated by a doctor anytime you have bloody urine. Your doctor can order tests to distinguish between non-serious and serious causes. Blood in urine can come from the kidneys or other structures in the urinary tract (ureters, bladder, and urethra). The blood you see in your urine might be a sign and symptom of kidney and urinary tract inflammation, infections and diseases. One of the most common reasons for women to have blood in the urine is a bladder infection. Since you seem to have other symptoms such as discomfort with passing urine, an urge to urinate frequently, and discomfort just above your pubic bone, you might have a bladder infection. You should call your doctor to confirm the cause and get appropriate antibiotic treatment if it is bladder infection.

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