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"Found a zit or abscess on my anus, should I be concerned?"

ZocdocAnswersFound a zit or abscess on my anus, should I be concerned?


Last night I was taking a shower and noticed I had a bump on my anus. It felt a little tender but nothing bad at all. I got out a mirror after I stepped out of the shower and noticed that it sort of looked like a zit. I popped it and white/yellowish dry pus-like stuff came out of it. It wasn't a whole lot, but sort of like if I popped a zit. Over the night it didn't get bigger and I noticed it had a little bit of stuff in it, so I popped it again and a little bit of stuff came out. Now having access to the internet I was reading up on things like abscesses and hemorrhoids and I'm worried I could have an abscess. The problem is though it isn't painful (many have described it as such) and it doesn't seem to be growing in size. Should I be concerned? Thanks so much.


Thank you for your question regarding the lesion you have discovered in your anus. I recommend that you see your doctor. Based on your description, it is likely that you did indeed have a small pimple in your anus and nothing more serious. As you have read, however, there are many other possibilities that are considered for a bump like this in that region. Hemorrhoids are normal veins that exist in the rectum. They become a problem when they get swollen, inflamed, and painful. They can also cause some bleeding that ranges from blood on toilet paper when wiping to blood coating the stool. External hemorrhoids are those that are visible and are usually painful. Internal hemorrhoids generally cannot be seen and are typically not painful. If you are sexually active and participating in anal intercourse, genital herpes could also be a possibility. These lesions appear as small fluid filled vesicles. These vesicles can then burst and leave behind painful ulcers. An abscess will generally be much larger and very painful. There will be swelling and redness of the area and the only treatment would be to cut open the abscess and drain it. If you are still concerned or have more questions, please see your doctor who can perform a physical examination.

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