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"What is wrong with my eye if is it is constantly getting itchy and swollen and my other eye isn't?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my eye if is it is constantly getting itchy and swollen and my other eye isn't?


This summer my left eye got really itchy so I scratched as I usually did when my eye got itchy, but this time in the night it got swollen. I just put lotion on my eyes. My eye was swollen for about a week. So my mom advised me to put on some ointment called penicilina. Then again My eye got itchy a couple weeks later and I didn't even scratch a lot and that same day I went in a pool and half of my left eye when I woke up the next morning was closed. So I put tea bags and penicilina on my eye and around 3-4 in the afternoon my eye was a lot less swollen. Then this past week my eye has been really itchy but I don't scratch it at all and guess what? My eye still gets swollen and I don't know why. It seems like my eye begins to get most itchy in the night or it could be when I'm tired? I'm not sure it could just be a coincidence. Also when my eye does get swollen the skin on my eye lid gets dry and sometimes peels a little bit when I did scratch it.


This is an interesting question that will likely need further help from a doctor before you can reach a full resolution. The fine thin of your eye lid can frequently become infected which can occasionally lead to scarring. There are very fine glands in the eyelid that provide tears to the eye itself. When these become obstructed or infected for any reason, the lid can turn red and angry. Most often this sort of thing responds to warm, moist compresses and massage. In some cases more aggressive therapy is needed, which can include antibiotics in either the form of an ointment or some that you take by mouth. In the worst cases, surgical assistance is needed to open the drainage pathways so that your body can heal appropriately and no longer have this problem. Speaking with an eye doctor, specifically an ophthalmologist, is likely the best route to start your treatment and improvement, although many family practice doctors and other specialists that treat the face such as ear nose and throat surgeons would also likely be able to help. Use caution with the creams that you use on your face, as they can cause irritation that exacerbates problems. Please speak with your doctor.

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