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"How can I keep skin on top lip from coming off?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I keep skin on top lip from coming off?


I have struggled with peeling lips for a while now but finally got it under control, somewhat. The top lip keeps peeling at the center and will grow back but I can't get it to stay on! My question is how can I keep it from not coming off so easily and if I do manage that, will it ever look healthy again? It always grows back white and sticks out so much, I cannot stand it anymore!


Thanks for your question. The simple answer is that, at this point, you will likely need to see a physician to get some assistance with your problem. The easy answers, such as increased moisture (as administered via lip balm, lotions, creams, etc) have likely been attempted in the past from what you are implying in your question. Now that you have exhausted these approaches and are still having a problem, it is likely that you need more help. The reason that you need more help, in addition to the cosmetic questions and concerns that you have, is the fact that a persistent problem such as you describe needs to be evaluated by a physician to make sure that there is not a serious problem underlying the complaint that you are having. For example, there are many skin disorders that can present with peeling skin, some of which can be as serious as skin cancer. The upper lip is a common location for some of these problems, and so if your problem is still present at this point it needs to be evaluated. Your doctor will be able to examine, explain, and hopefully treat your condition. Please speak with your doctor about your problem.

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