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"Why would skin be pink?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would skin be pink?


what causes oink skin?


Pink skin can come from a number of conditions, so it is important to discuss it with your doctor. One of the most common is exposure to the elements. Most people have had at least one experience with sunburn during their lifetime, and these can obviously result in pink skin for a time. The reason for this pink skin is often the same, at least in basic principle, as most other causes of pink skin: it exposes the blood vessels underneath, which obviously have a pink or red hue to them. When you consider that this is the main reason for pink skin, it becomes apparent why being hot causes people to flush or become pink: the blood vessels at the skin dilate and carry more blood, thus becoming more prominent under the thin layers of skin so that the body can cool the blood. This is why people tend to look flushed after running or exercising heavily. Any other condition that causes vasodilation of these vessels or thinning of the overlying skin can result in the same flushed appearance. If you have noticed pink skin and are concerned about it for any reason, it is appropriate to speak with your doctor to understand why you are having it.

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