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"I haven't been able to taste or smell after having a sinus infection. Should I get a cat scan?"

ZocdocAnswersI haven't been able to taste or smell after having a sinus infection. Should I get a cat scan?


would the cat scan maybe help to see if I still have something wrong


You may have a taste and smell dysfunction or disorder and I recommend you discuss your symptoms with your doctor. How long has this been going on? You could have anosmia (total loss of smell) and hypogeusia (a diminished sense of taste). Losses of taste and smell can relate to several causes. It may be due to a sinus disease or viral infections that most frequently they follow an influenza-like illness or upper respiratory infection. Other additional causes such as diseases of the nasal cavity, including polyps, sinusitis and allergies. Medications, smoking, vitamin deficiency, head trauma, brain tumors, and neurological diseases may impair both smell and taste. It is most likely that your taste and smell problem is a result of the lingering effects of a sinus infection. However, it is still important to get in to see a doctor to rule out the existence of other conditions that may cause abnormalities in taste and smell. Your doctor will examine your ear, nose and throat and thoroughly review your health history. He or she may administer a simple "scratch and sniff" test to measure the lowest concentration of a chemical you can detect. The "sip, spit, and rinse" is a taste evaluation where chemicals are directly placed on specific areas of your tongue. Depending on the outcome, you may be referred to a neurologist or an ear, nose and throat specialist for further evaluation that includes an MRI or CT scan of the head and sinuses, or possibly some blood tests. Treatment depends upon cause. Smell and taste disorder is curable in most cases. Again, please speak with your doctor

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