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"There's a hard lump by the cheek bone - should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersThere's a hard lump by the cheek bone - should I be worried?


my 2 year old daughter has a hard lump it is just above her top lip by the cheek bone, it seems to be sore to touch. I have checked her mouth but no it is definitely in her skin, should i take her to the doctors or has she just bumped that area


I am sorry to hear that your 2 year old daughter has a hard lump above her lip by the cheek bone, and that it has you worried about what might be going on. I am happy to give you some of my initial thoughts about what might be going on, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician to get evaluated. If possible, then you could even see a pediatric ENT (also called otolaryngologist), which is an ENT that specializes in just peds patients, they will be able to evaluate your daughter and take more of a history which is ultimately what you need to get an accurate diagnosis. Obviously kids are prone to traumatic contusions (bruises) of their faces, however in the absence of a history of a fall or hitting her face, then the ENt might be inclined to think of different etiologies (such as congenital masses, inflammatory lesions, infectious processes, or neoplastic processes. the ENT will be able to feel the lesion on her face and determine if it is a normal variant, or if it is more worrisome. I wish you all the best in getting your daughter checked out.

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