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"Are small red bumps found on penis foreskin dangerous? "

ZocdocAnswersAre small red bumps found on penis foreskin dangerous?


since last week i'm suffering from itching on lower body(legs, thighs, buns and penis skin). from yesterday i have some relaxation over itching on legs due to application of liquid paraffin. but recently have found small red bumps on penis foreskin. its itchy. kindly advice me a proper medication.


Thanks for your question. As you can understand, it is hard to advise you on a proper medication without knowing more information about your condition. There is a range of possibilities, all the way from allergic reactions down to things as bad as a sexually transmitted disease. There are many possible clues that your doctor would be able to get from further conversation, and especially from a physical exam. If you have had other skin changes in areas close by those in your genital region, it is possible and perhaps even likely that the two are related in some fashion. That being said, more information is needed. Many skin changes can be treated with either anti-infectious agents (taken topically or systemically) or with medications that lower inflammation (again, topically or systemically). Speak with your doctor about this question to determine which is the best treatment for you and to make sure that you are feeling better soon.

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