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"My daughter's leg is numb, should I take her to a doctor?"

ZocdocAnswersMy daughter's leg is numb, should I take her to a doctor?


My 12 year old daughter has been complaining about a numb calf muscle for a week or so. I think it's just from her running, but it started in the middle of the night. She says she can feel when she touches it, but when she runs or walks she can't feel the muscle stretching. When I tell her it's muscle fatigue she says it doesn't feel like that, should I take her to a doctor?


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your daughter's primary care doctor or pediatrician. This leg numbness is an interesting presentation and one that has many possible causes. With the given information, it is difficult to know exactly the cause but here are some things to discuss with your daughter and her physician which will help elucidate the cause of her leg numbness. Has she had any redness, pain, or burning sensation in that leg. There are several causes for these findings such as deep vein thrombosis, lumbar radicular pain, or stress fractures that may be the cause of these findings. Also, has she ever had this before, especially if it is related to running. This may also suggest stress fractures. Is she overweight? If this is the case, there are certain diseases that can lead to pain and/or numbness in the legs and a doctor would be best able to figure this out after a complete history and physical examination. Regardless, it is important that she is evaluated by a doctor as it is difficult to know the cause of this numbness from the history provided in your question.

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