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"Can I get a skin graft to have my belly button covered?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get a skin graft to have my belly button covered?


i have a deep fear of having my belly button touch like so bad the only thing i can compare it to is jumping into a ice cold river and how it takes your breath away its so bad i call it my no no spot the only thing ive done to treat this problem is punching anyone in the face if they touch it and scream hysterically and tell no one of my fear


I can tell that this is a strong fear for you and something that really bothers you. I'm not sure that a skin graft is the best option for you, however, so it is important to discuss this with your doctor. First of all, skin grafting is a significant surgery and there can be a lot of complications, including failure of the graft to heal onto the site and infections at the site of the graft as well as the site from which the graft came. Second, I would worry that this surgery will not fix your fear. What if you get the graft and you feel that something is touching your belly button all the time, or what if you develop a new fear about the graft? I would hate for you to undergo this kind of surgery and still not feel better afterwards. Rather than covering up your belly button, I actually think the best thing for you is to find a doctor and to get help from them facing your fear. A lot of psychiatrists have experience helping people overcome deep phobias and giving them better lives. Given that this is something that is causing you so much distress, I think talking about this fear with a psychiatrist and starting to face the fear will actually be the safest and most helpful thing going forward. I know this can be hard and scary, but you are strong and this may help you. Good luck.

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