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"Can Rhodiola be taken with Zoloft?"

ZocdocAnswersCan Rhodiola be taken with Zoloft?


I've read about the benefits of taking Rhodiola, particularly for reducing abdominal fat (I maintain a healthy diet & exercise regimen & am fit everywhere else, so I suspect cortisol may be the culprit) & the added bonus of aiding with anxiety & depression. I believe I understand the recommended dosage, cycling period, etc, but I still have concerns about possible drug interacts. I currently take the following at night: a multivitamin, Singulair10mg, Zyrtec10mg, & Zoloft 100mg. I also take Sprintec in the AM & typically have one caffeinated beverage during the day. My primary concern is taking Rhodiola with Zoloft--I have taken Zoloft for approximately 5 years (& previously in my teens), & am nervous about serotonin syndrome or other adverse reactions (although I do feel Zoloft has become a bit ineffective over the years). Can you please advise whether it is safe for me to add this supplement to my daily regimen? Thank you very much!


Thank you for this detailed question. The doctor who prescribes your Zoloft is in the best position to answer this question, or the manufacturer of Zoloft. This ensures that you get the most accurate information for you from people who know and are able to make correct statements. Many herbal supplements can interact with various medications, and it is also true that there can be significant variations in the concentrations of these supplements depending on where you buy them. Additionally, there can be concerns about the purity of these medications and whether or not they have additional additives that can be harmful. Speaking with your doctor can help to sort our these questions, and can often be accomplished simply via a phone call to the office of the prescriber who is writing your prescription for the Zoloft. Please speak with your doctor before you change your medication regime or add any new supplements. Your pharmacist can also be a valuable resource.

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