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"can weight cause back pain?"

ZocdocAnswerscan weight cause back pain?


I just found out why my back is hurting, I think its because I'm slightly overweight and my joints aren't helping either and my spine as well. So it looks like I'll be going on a lifestyle change in eating healthy. I need to lose weight.


Patients that have ongoing back pain should be followed by a physician called a physiatrist. Like most health issues, they are usually exacerbated and some are caused by being overweight. In the case of back pain and any other type of joint pain, weighing too much puts too much stress on the joints. In the back the joints that are under stress are the joints between the vertebrae. These joints can get irritated and cause surrounding muscles to contract and spasm. This is the usual problem that causes back pain. Usually a good course of physical therapy will alleviate this pain but it will often come back if the weight issues are not resolved. Over time, the back issues can get worse because of degenerative disc disease which is when the cartilage between the vertebrae begins to break down and disappear. This can further cause back pain. Again, I suggest that you be followed by a physician called a physiatrist. A physiatrist is a type of physician that specialized in the physical aspect of medicine and can help you with mechanical back pain. I would also suggest that you come up with a weight loss plan. This type of plan should be developed under the guidance of your primary care physician. Sometimes the help of a nutritionist is needed to assist in developing a good dietary plan.

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