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If I stop masturbation completely will I be able to get an erection for longer?

I have been masturbation for some time it was not intense but it has gotten intense lately, I have a problem that it can not stay hard for a long time.
Thank you for your question. There is some thought that over stimulation can exacerbate the problems of sustaining an erection. If you feel that this is the case, you will need to discuss this with your doctor, given that there are other conditions that can result in impaired ability to have or sustain an erection. For example, sometimes a poor erection can be a sign of early heart problems or peripheral vascular disease, where your blood vessels become blocked due to different factors. If that is the case with you, then it will be quite important that you discuss this with your doctor to make sure that you get the care that you need before you have a more serious problem. As it is difficult for me to answer this question fully without more information, please speak with your doctor to make sure that you get the care that you need. He or she will need to ask additional questions and may have some testing that they would like you to complete before reassuring you about this question. Please speak with your doctor.
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