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"my groin is still sore after my heart cath 12 days ago. when will the soreness go away??"

ZocdocAnswersmy groin is still sore after my heart cath 12 days ago. when will the soreness go away??


I had a heart cath 12 days ago.


It is important that you discuss this with the interventional cardiologist who performed the procedure. During a catheterization, both a needle and a large plastic tube called a sheath is inserted into your femoral artery and/or femoral vein. In order to accommodate catheters, stents, and other devices inserted through these sheaths into your heart, the sheaths are quite large, and a large hold must be made in those blood vessels. Additionally, the cardiologists often much press very hard in your groin as they insert these devices or apply pressure once they are removed in order to prevent bleeding. As a result, patients often experience some discomfort. However, given the persistence of your pain, you should discuss this with your physician. Rarely after a catheterization, blood can pool outside the blood vessel but inside the body causing a hematoma or pseudoaneurysm, which can cause some discomfort. Additionally, you can develop an abnormal communication between the artery and vein known as a fistula. This is often diagnosed via ultrasound. As such it is important for the physicians who performed the procedure to know of your symptoms so they can instruct you how best to proceed. They can also instruct you as to which pain medications are safe to help control your symptoms.

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