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"What is wrong with my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my skin?


I randomly started to notice small bumps, like small pimples on the side of my back. It itched seldomly but when I get out of the shower the itching is intense. now I notice it under my arms. Any idea to what the cause of this may be? I never approached poison oak or anything of that nature so I don't know what it may be.


Thanks for this question. There are an almost infinite number of possible solutions and explanations for this problem, and more information is needed before we can decide definitively what is causing your symptoms. A physical examination is often a good first step, as your doctor may often be able to look once and realize immediately what is causing the problem just by how your skin looks. In other cases, he or she may need to speak with you more to determine if there is something in your history that is a likely explanation for the problem. If you are having this problem that has continued despite your attempts to fix it, please speak with your doctor. He or she may feel that it is most appropriate to speak with a dermatologist about the condition, as a dermatologist is a physician who is specially trained to manage skin conditions such as the one that you describe. Please speak with your doctor about this problem.

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