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"I am hearing a clicking sound in my head, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI am hearing a clicking sound in my head, what could it be?


I have neurological symptoms including dizziness, extreme fatigue, trouble finding words, muscle weakness, possible seizures (unconfirmed) and constant headaches. The clicking used to be less often and always above my right eye, it stopped a while and when it came back it was by my right ear, and much more often. My doctors think degenerative disease, autoimmune, brain tumor or cancer with associated para neoplastic syndrome are most likely but it will take a lot of tests to find out. Does this new symptom point to anything specific? I have no money to pay for your help, this is the fifth site I've tried listed as free. Please, I am probably dying and really need your help. Please help me!


So sorry to hear about all of your stress and your concerns. Hopefully it is nothing as serious as a cancer that is causing your symptoms. Indeed, it is difficult for me to imagine a direct correlation where the clicking sound is caused by a cancer, although you will need to continue working with your doctors to get the answers that you need. A sensation of clicking can be caused by several different things. One of the most obvious is a tremor, which is something that many people can have. These can either have a cause or can be known as "essential" tremors, which can mean that they are the sort of tremor that doesn't have an obvious cause such as those which come with old age. Myoclonus is another possible explanation for a clicking sound that you can hear. There are many other possibilities, and your ear nose and throat surgeon may be the best person to help with that aspect of your questions. An otologist specifically can address your concerns by helping to understand how you are perceiving that sound. Please speak with your doctors about your concerns, and good luck to you in your quest for health!

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