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"How can one increase male fertility? "

ZocdocAnswersHow can one increase male fertility?


hi there we are trying to conceive have both been checked and are all ok was looking to increase sperm count to give us a better chance was looking at horny goat weed and volume pills which would you suggest thanks


This is an important questions to discuss with a fertility specialist. Generally speaking, I would suggest that you avoid both of these supplements and any other supplement that is not FDA approved while attempting to achieve pregnancy with your partner. This is because no physician can predict the impact of these supplements on your health and your ability to conceive. In addition, I would find it highly unlikely that any supplement could increase your chances of you and your partner achieving pregnancy. If you're having trouble getting pregnant, then you should continue to go through the typical work up for infertility that it seems you've already started. Certainly getting a semen analysis is an important part of that workout. If the semen analysis you have had was normal, then the focus should be on your partner. She should have a complete work up with hormone levels and a imaging study called a hysterosalpingogram. This imaging study can help determine whether or not there is any problem with the uterus and fallopian tubes. There are many great treatments for infertility that would be at your disposal once you determine what the problem is. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist. The two of you can discuss what medications each of you should be on and what supplements to avoid.

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