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"I have poor digestion, what can I do and what kind of doctor could treat me?"

ZocdocAnswersI have poor digestion, what can I do and what kind of doctor could treat me?


I have poor digestion, if I eat any starchy, potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, My stomach bloats (massive) for days. My skin brakes out in ache (the next morning) , I get crippling pains (cramps and spasms) abnormal bowl movement, pain the bottom of my stomach (like cement is setting in it) massive belches (up to 6sec long) and a lot of bleeding when I pooh. Needless to say I avoid all these things. But the rang of stuff this reaction come from is growing. I'm losing weight, the bleeding is happening daily and my dr just keeps referring me to the hospital when (thanks to public insurance) I'm on a weighting lost but as I'm 21 no one cares as I'm not ' while I have all the clues I'm not in the age group for bowl cancer, so I am not high on the list ' 2 years I have had this and it's getting worse. Someday so can only have liquids because I am so sensitive. How is this fair? What can I do?


Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear about your problem. It certainly sounds like a difficult problem that you are dealing with, but one that is also more common than doctors and patients would hope. Some of the possible explanations include food allergies (less likely perhaps given the breadth of the reactions that you are describing), irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, and Ulcerative colitis. Any of these can present with some of the symptoms that you are describing, although there are other things as well. Speaking with a doctor is a good step towards getting the answers that you need. Unfortunately, public health insurance can be very beneficial for many different people, but is not a perfect answer for many people who are suffering as you are now. The long delays that come with almost any government program are inevitable in health care as well, and patients often feel that they have no other place to turn. Please continue to speak with your doctor about the severity of your problem, and perhaps he or she will be able to offer some additional assistance to help you. Thank you for your question, and please speak with your doctor.

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