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"My father had done a kidney transplant. Can he travel this month?"

ZocdocAnswersMy father had done a kidney transplant. Can he travel this month?


he is 52 he did the surgery on September 17 2013


I am sorry to hear about your father's illness. It is not possible to make an accurate recommendation without knowing the full details of your father's medical history and current medical state. As such, I recommend you schedule an appointment with a nephrologist. After reviewing your father's medical condition and evaluating how he is doing medically at present, this provider can safely make a recommendation about your father's ability to travel. In considering safety with traveling, it is first important to determine how he has recovered since the surgery. If you father has had issues such as a post-operative infection, his providers may not like him to travel. After a kidney transplant, one major issue is titration of his immunosuppressive medications. This can take some time and can be complicated by infections and other severe conditions. These must also be discussed with a nephrologist. The condition to led to your father requiring a kidney transplant is also a consideration. If this is not under control, his doctor may not clear him for travel. Finally, depending on where he would be traveling, he might be at risk for additional infections that are of even greater concern given his immunosuppression. You will need to discuss these issues with a nephrologist.

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