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"I have a painful red bump on my neck, what could it be?"


So, For a long time I have had a (tiny, skin coloured) bump in this area. A few days ago though, I noticed it hurt there and felt larger. When I looked it was red, with some darker red in it. I don't know whether this is some kind of bug or spider bite, or a larger pimple.. I don't know. I thought at first it may be a cyst but I read those are painless.. I also just today felt a little bit ill, but that may be something in itself, or it could be linked. No idea. Any ideas what it could be? I would attach a photo of it. I'm kind of afraid to go to the doctors but I said if it doesn't go away (or begin to) within a couple days that I will. Please and thanks


Sorry to hear about your symptoms that you are having. While there could be several different suggestions, I agree with your conclusion that you should speak with your doctor about your question. Some of the possible things that could explain your symptoms include pimples, bug bites, small inclusion cysts, and many other things.

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Sometimes, normal scratches on the skin can become infected and turn into things that can cause systemic symptoms (such as feeling ill, having a fever, or other symptoms). Bug bites, while thought to be common from a patient standpoint, are not quite as frequent of a cause of symptoms as would be thought. Other possibilities include these epidermal inclusion cysts, which can be simple skin cells that get trapped under the skin and can become infected. In some cases these can lead to other symptoms as well. Additionally, there are many other things as we mentioned before, and so it will be important to discuss this with your doctor to see if there are additional clues that he or she can obtain by speaking with you and completing a physical exam. Please speak with your doctor to get a diagnosis and see if antibiotics or other treatment is needed.

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