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My girlfriend and I have not had vaginal sex but occasionally have oral sex. We are very careful not to get precum or semen anywhere near her vagina but she is now a week late for her period. should we be worried? school has just started so her sleeping schedule has changed and her stress levels could have changed slightly as well. she claims to have tingling around her vagina also. what are the odds that she would be pregnant? she has no cramping or vomiting either.


Thank you for your question regarding your concern that your girlfriend may be pregnant. If anyone is ever concerned that she may be pregnant, the best thing to do is to just find out definitively whether she is or is not pregnant. It is better to know for sure, then to stress and worry while you wait around for the next menstrual period. Women have several options for determining whether they are pregnant or not through tests of the blood or urine. They can visit their doctor who can perform a blood test. This picks up pregnancy faster than with the urine tests. Or they can use a home pregnancy test which can detect pregnancy about one week after a missed period. Home pregnancy tests are preferred by many women because they are discreet and convenient. You can also visit your doctor who can perform a urine test as well. These tests all check for the presence of a substance called HCG. HCG is a hormone released by a fertilized egg after it has implanted onto the uterus. This being said, it is unlikely that your girlfriend is pregnant if there was no vaginal penetration and ejaculation. However, I would still encourage you to visit your doctor to determine for sure. Also, it is still important for anyone sexually active to receive STD testing, as diseases can still be transmitted through the oral route.

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