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"I have trouble breathing and also a severe headache. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersI have trouble breathing and also a severe headache. Why?


i am a female of 24yr. when ever i stand and look up or down i get darkness in front of my eyes i also have full body pain specially head ,neck, abdomen, legs, shoulder and my back. what does these symptoms shows?


So sorry to hear about your symptoms. First, your doctor will need to know if this is something that began recently or has been going on for some time. If it is a recent occurrence, and there are other associated symptoms, it could imply that this is an emergency that needs to be treated immediately, perhaps even requiring a trip to the emergency department. Heart problems, strokes, and other serious medical issues can have some of the symptoms that you are describing, and would require immediate attention to prevent further problems, complications, and even death in some cases. If, however, your symptoms have been going on for some time, it is less likely that this is something that needs to be addressed immediately, and instead you can often work through the normal channels of speaking with your doctor and getting a referral to the specialist that he or she feels is most appropriate (if any). There are many benign conditions that can have some of these symptoms as well. The key is to speak with your doctor about this question and provide more information so that your doctor is able to triage your problem and determine what the next best step is. Again, please speak with your doctor soon about your symptoms.

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