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"My WBC in urine is 40 - 50. What does that mean?"

ZocdocAnswersMy WBC in urine is 40 - 50. What does that mean?


the normal range for WBC in urine is 0 - 5/HPF. Mine was 40 - 50.


The best thing to do is to discuss these results with your primary care doctor. White blood cells (WBC) in urine is usually measured in something called a urine analysis (UA) The normal range is 0-5 wbc/hpf, like you mentioned. This test is usually ordered to determine is someone has a urinary tract infection. Often patients will complain of dysuria (pain on urination) or urinary urgency. The urine is placed in a cup and several tests are run on the sample. If there a an elevated WBC in the UA, it could be a sign of a UTI; however, it is not always the case. There are other markers in the UA such as leuk esterase which is an enzyme that bacteria uses for metabolism. If both WBC and leuk esterase are elevated, it more strongly suggests a UTI. There are people who have a UA with an elevated WBC without any symptoms. Patients without any symptoms, and no other indication of a UTI on UA could simply have chronic bacteriuria, which means the person chronically has bacteria in the urine. People with a UTI are often treated with antibiotics but people with chronic bacteriuria are not always treated; it usually depends on the type of patient. You should make an appointment with your primary care doctor to discuss these results and to determine if you have a condition that should be closely followed.

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