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"I took castor oil that is meant for hair, instead of normal castor oil. What should I do?"


Its mentioned on the bottle "external use" only , feel some itching at the mouth area, i drank one liter of water, pls advise the antidote.


A good first stop would be to call the National Poison Center hotline number, which is toll free from anywhere in the United States. This number is 1-800-222-1222. The experts at this line will be able to review the treatment for an ingestion of castor oil with you and help you figure out whether you need to seek additional medical attention.

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In addition to castor oil, they will be able to look up the exact product you ingested to see if there are any other chemicals in the product that might be a concern and might require treatment. Castor oil is a common oil that is used medicinally as a laxative and is also found in may beauty and industrial products as a lubricant. Generally speaking, castor oil is not very toxic, even when ingested in large quantities, although it can cause significant abdominal cramping, so I recommend that you speak with your doctor. Also, some individuals are allergic to castor oil, and can develop rash, swelling, and trouble breathing after ingesting it. If you experience any signs of allergy, such as swelling of the mouth or lips, difficulty swallowing, or difficulty breathing, then you should seek emergency medical attention for the treatment of a severe allergy.

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