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"An MRI showed a 5cm cyst on my pituitary. Should I see an endocrinologist or neurologist?"

ZocdocAnswersAn MRI showed a 5cm cyst on my pituitary. Should I see an endocrinologist or neurologist?


I am concerned that I don't know which way I should go to get the best help


Thank you for your question. In general, either a neurologist or an endocrinologist will be able to help you with the next step of your treatment, and it may be best for you to see both. A neurologist will best be able to discuss the long term effects of the tumor or cyst in your pituitary and how this is likely to affect your brain. If you are having symptoms from the hormones that the gland is releasing, an endocrinologist may be able to help you to know how to manage those symptoms. Either is likely to know something of what the other does, and either is able to refer you as needed when there is something that is beyond the scope of his or her practice. Additionally, it is important to know that you may also need to meet with a neurosurgeon to determine if there is a need to remove the cyst from the pituitary. There are times when a cyst needs to be addressed proactively, and other times when the cyst may be causing overt symptoms such as vision changes. Ultimately, you may also visit with an otolaryngologist and an ophthalmologist as well. Please start by speaking with your primary care doctor for his or her recommendations in your specific situation.

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