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"I've had the same partner, recently I've been spotting after sex and it burns. Should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersI've had the same partner, recently I've been spotting after sex and it burns. Should I be worried?


Burns, and when I wipe after sex theres a light pink blood.


Bleeding during or after sex is not considered normal and therefore should be evaluated at all times by a doctor. If you are experiencing pain and bleeding during or after sex, there may be several factors that are contributing to the bleeding and pain you feel. For women there are a number of physical conditions that may make sex hurt, including pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, or some sexually transmitted diseases, to name a few. Some causes of vaginal bleeding after sex are vaginal dryness after menopause or a condition in which the cervical tissue is susceptible to abrasion or in some cases by the use of certain types of birth control pills. On the other hand, vaginal bleeding after sex can be a sign of a serious underlying problem including inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis), vaginitis, sexually transmitted diseases (i.e., chlamydia or gonorrhea), or cervical cancer, etc. If you have not had a PAP smear done recently, it is important for you to have your doctor ordered a routine Pap test to check for any changes in cervical cells and treat them before they turn into cancer. Cervical cancer can be successfully treated when it is found at a very early stage through a Pap test. Again, I recommend that you consult with your doctor or OBGYN for further evaluation and to rule out any serious causes. Good luck.

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