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"Why does my 4-year old baby boy have frequent fevers? "

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my 4-year old baby boy have frequent fevers?


my boy is now studying in LKG and his weight is 14.3Kg.nowadays he become very ill.he have cough and when the fever comes he has an increased breath rate and have a running nose. he has given all the polios and vaccinations please make me clear about my child's immunity and what all things can l do for the welfare of the child


If your child is exhibiting signs of a serious illness, which would include high fever or rapid breathing, then you should take him to the emergency room or to see your pediatrician as soon as possible. When these symptoms are present, it is necessary to rule out a serious illness, such as a pneumonia, and this is best accomplished by an expedient medical evaluation. In the absence of severe signs of illness, it is important to remember that being in preschool or a day care setting does mean that your child will be coming into contact with lots of common viruses and other illness. In that setting, it is common to have frequent minor coughs, colds, and fevers. However, it is always important to followup with your regularly scheduled pediatric visits. At these visits, your pediatrician will be able to make sure there is no sign of a more persistent illness, check that all vaccinations are up to date (the influenza shot, for example, should be given every year), and answer any other general questions that you might have about the health and immune system of your child, including basic strategies like hand washing and good nutrition, which can keep your child healthy.

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