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"How can I find out if I have abdominal lymphoma?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I find out if I have abdominal lymphoma?


Abdominal nodes stay enlarged but armpit and neck nodes come and go how can i get a biopsy to find out?


If you feel that you have abdominal lymph nodes that are enlarged in your abdomen, the first step for you is to get examined by a primary care doctor. The reason this should be the first step is that what you were feeling might not be lymph nodes at all. Lymph nodes feel like small little bumps under the skin. However, there are other things that can feel just like that. If your doctor examines you and feels that you have enlarged lymph nodes then he or she might decide to get some blood work first. If I was concerned about lymphoma in a patient of mine, then the first thing that I would probably get is and LDH and a complete blood count. If the LDH was elevated, or the complete blood count showed significant abnormalities, then this would lead me to investigate further. In addition, if the lymph node I felt was significantly enlarged and there was no sign of any infection that would account for a very large lymph node, then I might send you for an ultrasound to look at the lymph node and potentially get a biopsy. The final factor to consider is any symptoms that you're having. Many people with lymphoma have symptoms such as fatigue, night sweats, and sometimes unexplained fevers. The presence of any of these symptoms would definitely prop me to look further into your condition. Again, please speak to a primary care doctor.

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